iF oNly…

posting Ely’s poem, a reply on sa isip lang.

remember the days we’re together?
isn’t it bittersweet and no reservations..
who thought that will be forever?
letting our heart flows in different directions..

grudges have no room anyway,
who do you think someone had a regret?
in some point we have those decisions what would I say..
never in my deepest soul, should I forget?

life is a choice of your own will..
how about the Almighty hands to you?
His plans are perfect , so better stand still..
did I said I follow mine or to those are few..

this again a piece made to you to think..
can somehow tell the contents of my within?
you can read twice and have a single blink..
are you a good one to be that keen?

—-cheers on xpressing the other side of yOu :)


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