…the Palace…

IMG_1705I am still in awe with what I saw a while ago, I was able to go inside a Prince Palace (Saudi). Actually my first and I truly savour the moment because I don’t think it will happen to me again. I have been into a palace but mostly just outside the perimeter. I am very glad the work was given to me, to appreciate and see the beauty, the architecture, the grandeur, the technology and amenities of the palace. I was lucky enough to go each and every corner and room  while doing my work (test calls). Sadly, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures but I was able to get some with my cam hidden inside my pocket. The huge underground underneath the palace where the garage (basement 1) can be found, a collection of cars were parked beautifully, from Lincoln, Bmw, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari , you name it theIMG_1707y have it. On the opposite side of the garage an olympic size swimming pool was designed perfectly (imagine a pool underground) and across was the lounge area, massage, spa, sauna rooms and the bar. Picture this, a big hall was turned into a kiddie play room with a kiddie pool, rides, game room, and the “foodie” room which caught my attention because of the tempting and expensive  goodies inside. “The kitchen, my goodness napanganga talaga ako as in ngangang-nganga! Imagine the refrigerator, ang haba at ang laki, one block ata sa dingding. If I’m not mistaken 10 doors, you can never find such this one on the market kundi pasadya para dito lang. Then the industrial gas range, the utensils, the machines my goodness gracious the room itself ay wish kong magkaron.”

Experiencing and seeing the entire place gives me a hope and dream of having my own “PALACE”. But for now, work hard huhuhuh!!!



  1. Maria Elena Garcia

    haha! badong naiimagine kita sinasabi mo ang mga pharses na iyon.with your expression it’s goodness gracious talaga.yes, just always look at the brighter side of everything and the opportunity that we have with our work is so much blessing.keep on dreaming, i know you can do it.patuluyin mo nalang kami sa palasyo mo.:)

  2. annagustin

    woow!!! what ahh??? I’m speechless ugh!!!… 🙂

    sayang di mo na picturan ang bonggang bonggang ref… wheeee… 😉

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