…blogging on the phone?

17102009042Hope this one will get posted, I am blogging right now through my phone E71 while waiting for my flight 0745H going to Tabuk (Military City close to Jordan border). I am just trying out if it will work and get posted on my site and maybe do this from time to time while on field work. Good thing I am on Business class, I have access to Golden Lounge of Saudi Airlines where I can have Wifi access on my phone, Eat, and very comfy couch where I can sleep comfortably. I have 45 minutes more prior to my departure time. Right now I’m having a hot chocolate, 2 types of cheese – I don’t know what type all I know It’s very yummy together with my bread, small slices of kiwi, apple and grapes. Oh, after this meal I’ll have to taste their freshly squeezed orange juice. By the way, it’s my first time to see a hardened milk for coffee, just see the photo to appreciate, hope I can have this one as a “pasalubong” when I get home. Photo not of good quality taken by my phone.IMG_1645

Yehey, successful!!!! Blog posted…edited 1908H.


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