…the flashback…

IMG_0195I was thinking very deeply and contemplating on myself lately of the opportunities and blessings I may say pouring into me, do I deserve all of this?

Then everything came just like a flash of lightning. When I was a child all I just wanted was to grow up, go to school, graduate from college, work, be rich, and have a family. When I started working, all my aspirations changed and shifted to what I dreamed of.After being hired by SMART and working for them, I thought that will be all, work, earn money to be rich and help the family, but I was wrong. I am one of those people not contented with what I have, I want more. Being not contented, my expenses also became bigger that what I’m earning cannot compensate, it wasn’t just enough. When I was employed overseas, I thought this will be the end, it will me much enough for me and my family but, I was wrong again. As my earning became bigger, my expenses as well. Right then, I kept thinking when will be the time I’ll stop wanting for more?

After meditating to all the things that I have done, I may say I have no regrets. All things happen for a reason, God doesn’t give you anything that you cannot endure and surpass. As they say “we make our own destiny”. I am not saying I deserve all the blessings; I have just done what  is right, to help and give back what I have. Being not contented for purpose to help my family gave me a reason to pursue what I have started. I don’t set any goals for myself  before and plan to keep it that way for now; I’ll just take things as they come to me and hope to have a decisive mind as always.

As of now, I don’t have any answer yet to when will I stop wanting for more. All I wanted is to be the best I can be. Provide and support the family as long as I can.

“Sana di mapagod and Diyos sa paggabay, pagsubaybay at pagtupad sa aking mga kahilingan.”



  1. ann

    …I’m pretty sure god will reply…”tutuparin ko ang mga pangarap mo”.. basta work for it.. nyahahaha…

    you deserve the best…. 🙂

  2. Pennylane

    after few trials in our lives expect abundant blessings..u have proven worthy to receive all this blessings so just embrace it and be thankful for it..GOD rewards all our hardworks and pains…

    much much better share it..pa cheese burger ka naman jan…..hahahaha
    cheese burger!!cheese burger!!cheese burger…

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