…a confessed addict to FV/FB…

FarmvilleI have been playing this online game for a month now, and it’s seems I can’t get myself out of it. It’s probably the most fun on facebook right now. I rarely go on for anything else other than farmville related topics. I have to be online daily to get bonuses on my neighbours ribbon or achievement and even give shelter to lost animals found while farming. Can you just imagine how addicted I am? I have to sleep very late at night sometimes and even brought my laptop and hsdpa card at my worksite just for me to harvest my crops in order for them not to wither. There’s an instance that I was very angry and very devastated when I wasn’t able to harvest my crops because of Zynga’s Network problem (creator of the game) and all my crops have just withered and kept thinking my coins or money was wasted. I even have to compute the income of crops I have to plant. Who can tell that I really never thought that I’ll be playing this game on facebook?

Oh, no!!! A confessed addict to this game. Right now, I am aiming for level 34 in order for me to buy the villa on my farm and redecorate it as good as I can. So, why not be my neighbour and let’s be an addict together. I’ll be waiting for your request ok?



  1. eden

    i may got more ample time than you right now, and yes, i’m also playing FV but i can attest im not addicted to this one.why? this game demands my time or else my plants will go wither.i cant see a point why i need to play based on their demand, and never get anything anyway except for a ribbon. for me, better play typing maniac instead, it’ll practice your typing skill.

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