… the “padalahan: telemoney(akaria)” experience…

I am very angry….as if I can do something about it?

From my point of view, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that don’t particularly care about the word “customer service”, with what I have experienced from banks, airline ticketing office, and government offices. Though, with exception to Saudi Investment Bank as I am very satisfied with the service they are giving me. This is somewhat a norm here, better not complain if you’re not a native or else you’ll just be ignored. The slogan “Customers are always right”, in Saudi Arabia “be patient, keep still and hold your temper”.

I experienced the worst, last Wednesday(30 September 2009) at Telemoney(Akaria) – padalahan, I was on the long cue of customers (nearly around 50 people) waiting for my turn (15th on the line) with just two counters open, one for men and one for ladies with transaction per customer nearly reaches around 10-15 minutes. So, just imagine how long will you be waiting if you are no. 50? Coming from a customer oriented company, I can say their service was very poor. Actually, I waited for around two hours for nothing, as the stupid and idiot Saudi teller blocked my card. So, instead of being angry to his stupidity, I reported him to the bank manager. To my dismay, no action was done.  I just walked out the bank upon bursting my emotions to the manager and keeping in mind just another ordinary “customer service” experience in Saudi Arabia.



  1. eden

    yup, one of the reason why Filipinos are favored abroad is their compassion to their service and to their customer. we got the heart on everything.

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