Diary of my Life

Have you seen my future?
No, it is I who will make it
It will be me who will traverse the feat
To conquer my fears and cowardice
To be brave and succeed courageously

I have been in the past
The yearning and longing instilled
I have fallen and have stood up
Faced the challenge this life could bring
And emerge triumphantly in the end

The present is a journey
To succeed is to believe
To fight and not to loose the battle
To be what I am and be the best
And continue for what is right

I know I am indispensable
Sooner or later I’ll vanish
But the things I have done will linger
So I live today as if my last
And do the best I can be

Life is what we make it
I am what I am; I can be what I can be
I am a son, I am a brother, and I am a friend
This is me, this is really me
Thank you! The Diary of my Life.


  1. annagustin

    parang tayo tayo lang dito a.. hahahah…

    basta.. just live your day as if it’s the last day of your life.. 🙂

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