The Beauty Of Letting Go

I don’t know where to start
The sadness pouring in my heart
Emptiness and loneliness by my side
Darkness became my sight

Tears became my laughter
Hopelessness became my strength
Though I don’t know where to go
I have to let you go

Now I must go on
For surviving is living
Living is accepting
Accepting is the start of a new beginning

Life is colorful
As the saying “Don’t forget the past, but don’t dwell on it”
Now I must let go and learn from it
For I know I can make it

This is what we call life
To see the beauty in it
No matter what it is
Just like this
The Beauty of Letting Go!


  1. annagustin

    …all the words are figurative…but it brought the sense of moving on…
    live life as happy as possible…don’t forget that it’s a Choice…:-)

  2. Maria Elena Garcia

    Beyond those words are deep wounds yet with a glimpse of light. You are definitely right badong! Good luck, move on.

  3. Pennylane Arganoza

    well its the right thing to do.. no matter how painful it is,if it means giving someone their freedom and making them happy then its worth it..every wound can be healed on its own time..acceptance will make it all’re absolutely right we deserve to be happy,we deserve someone better…ika nga ni popoy:”makikta rin natin ung kaisa isang tao na mamahalin tau,ung di tau iiwan ung di tau sasaktan….”..proven:D
    nice to hear you’re moving is full of mystery…just let yourself discover it one step at a time…BE HAPPY BADONG!!YOU DESERVE IT…

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